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Positive ingredients: the primacy of naturally active ingredients

New Cosmetics is essentially based on increasingly rich knowledge of natural environments and natural medicine.

The qualifier "natural" has no legal definition and applies to ingredients and compounds whose development did not require the intervention of heavy chemical or technological manipulations, costly in energy, polluting, and which improperly modify or totally the original component.

“Natural” ingredients have undergone little transformation – mainly primary mechanical and chemical transformations, such as distillation, cooking or mechanical filtering, fermentation and oxidation, leave little residue and are easily recyclable and biodegradable.

Of natural origin often includes two groups of ingredients

those that are truly natural and not chemically transformed from the mineral (clay), vegetable (vegetable oils obtained by expression, essential oils obtained by distillation, macerate) or animal (beeswax) kingdoms

those derived, i.e. made from a natural raw material through a simple authorized chemical process (saponification, esterification, fermentation, etc.)

"New Cosmetics cosmetics and personal hygiene products are derived from substances or compositions of raw materials obtained by using simple physical or chemical processes, without the use of synthetic molecules, and responding to all stages of manufacturing standards and specific criteria for respecting the environment. »

Organic labels are multiplying

Beyond organic

Synthetic ingredients: Mineral oils and waxes derived from petrochemicals, silicones, certain preservatives and synthetic fragrances therefore have no place in a so-called natural product.

Only certain synthetic raw materials are therefore authorized: mainly preservatives for which there is no natural equivalent.

What is an organic label?

A label is based on specifications that detail the ingredients used and the manufacturing methods. The Specifications page is as complete as possible. It is preceded by summary tables for quick reading.

The cosmetics market is booming. These products often include in their presentation mentions referring to their biological, natural or ecological character.

The chart

Just like Slow Cosmetics, New Cosmetics is based on four fundamental pillars that establish “ intelligent”, “reasonable”, “human” and “ecological” cosmetics.

For New Cosmetics , it is first of all a question of meeting the requirements of contemporary cosmetics. In addition to the legal requirements which are essential and make it possible to guarantee the consumer the safety of use, the objective is to correspond to the expectations as regards organoleptic quality. Indeed, by offering natural and organic products, by banishing synthetic, irritating ingredients...

This should not prevent the creation of elaborate formulas, the primary goal of which is to offer the consumer comfort and sensory pleasure.

New Cosmetics also wants to meet the real needs of the skin by highlighting natural raw materials or those of natural origin.

This is about discovering or rediscovering the ability of plants to provide the skin with the active ingredients it needs. The choice of raw materials is therefore an essential criterion in the development of the cosmetic product.

The goal is to use as many plants as possible in the formulas, in the form of oils, macerate, essential oils, floral waters, extracts, powder, etc. Knowledge of the skin is the starting point for the development of any formula. It is a question of cleaning it, in particular thanks to soaps obtained by cold saponification, of hydrating it and protecting it thanks to emulsions, gels, hydrosols or even synergistic mixtures of vegetable and essential oils.

The New Cosmetics wants to be transparent.

The aim is to offer the consumer simple and understandable formulas. It is also committed to clearly identifying products, their manufacturer, raw materials, origins and production conditions.

Finally, New Cosmetics focuses its policy on respect for the environment. The choice of raw materials, means of production, transport and also packaging must be made on the basis of ecological criteria.

Also, the New Cosmetics promotes the concept of soft chemistry. Only simple mechanical, physical and chemical manufacturing processes are permitted.

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