Nutritious & Anti-oxidant dietary supplement

Stimulates the immune system, slows skin aging, restores hydration levels.
After applying the serum and the cream according to your skin type, complete your routine with this nutrient and antioxidant complex which will relieve your problem from the inside for a visible result on the outside!

Skin type: Dehydrated, dry, wrinkled or in prevention of wrinkles

List of ingredients

Ingredients for 1 capsule:

🌱Reishi extract titrated to 20% palysarccharides: 800mg

🌱 Shitake extract titrated to 20% palysarccharides: 400mg

🌱 Selenium yeast: 30mg (including Selenium: 60μg or 109% of AR)

Envelope: HPMC vegetable capsule

No GMOs, no gluten, no gelatins, no artificial colors, no starch, no lactose, no added salt or sugar.