The oldest mention of the reishi mushroom is found in a herbarium published 56 years before Christ in which it was placed above all other medicinal plants. Considered an essential tonic for IQ, reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) was recommended in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine (kempo). It was then used to support the body in its entirety and restore all of its vital energy.

Rich in more than 180 phytonutrients and antioxidants, REISHI Ganoderma acts on several vital systems of the body . It preserves its health and balance while powerfully reinforcing its vitality.

Its therapeutic qualities are mainly due to its various active ingredients: polysaccharides, beta-glucans, cordycepin, germanium, adenosine, ganodermic essence, triterpenoid, proteins, fibers, 16 amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Fatigue, Stress & Insomnia

Reishi ganoderma is particularly recommended for people lacking vital energy, due to fatigue or depression.

Harmonizes the functioning of the nervous systems and the adrenocortical glands involved in the management of stress and anxiety. Its nickname of plant of the spirit comes from its capacity to clarify the thoughts, to calm the mental agitation and to regularize the mood, to alleviate the pains. As such, it is used as a therapeutic aid in detoxification cures (drugs, alcohol, medicines, etc.)
Increases intellectual tone, promotes concentration, memory and mental clarity.

Improves sleep quality.


In China and Japan, shiitake has been cultivated for about 2,000 years , used in traditional medicine. It takes its name from the tree (shii) on which it clings to grow. The Chinese call it Elixir of Life because of its nutritional virtues and its stimulating properties.

It was first mentioned in a document dating back to the year 199 CE. Cultivated in Asia for more than 1000 years, this sweet-smelling mushroom is used in the composition of Japanese, Chinese and Korean dishes but has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for a very long time. It takes its name from the tree (shii) on which it clings to grow.